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Fashion items, fashion design .

Fashion items, fashion design .

Monday, 21. November 2011

Christian Louboutin high-book set

By wswseo, 07:36
Following after Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin, Christian Dior has become a large printed books to clothing brands.

This book by photographer Patrick Demarchelier CondéNast Group Chief Planning and Zhang Jing atlas will include Gisele Bündchen, Charlize Theron wearing Dior Haute stars such as photographs, which also includes Christian Dior in 1947, I introduced the first high-level customization series, Yves Saint Laurent for Dior in the 1950s to create custom clothing, and John Galliano advanced custom design the most recent quarter.

In order to fully display the charm of these costumes, the film's shooting has crossed the Continental, New York's Times Square, the Paris Opera and the Rodin Garden (musée Rodin), and even alleys of old Shanghai has photographed.

Demarchelier also invited well-known pop artist Jeff Koons for the book foreword. "Dior Couture Patrick Demarchelier" thick 240 Atlas, from the shelves this month, priced £ 70.

Approached the head of the third generation of Silvia Fendi

By wswseo, 05:12

The third generation of Fendi's head of Silvia Venturini Fendi, the fashion industry is not into the pursuit of her, but fate. Fortunately, she found that she liked the arrangement.

Approached the head of the third generation of Fendi Silvia Venturini Fendi

"They are not poor, is to understand fashion." Silvia Venturini Fendi mother once dressed as a little girl who argued passers. At this point, Fendi's daughter put it is also really good.

"To share some of your childhood memories you?" After months of waiting, I can finally face to face to Silvia Venturini Fendi questions. Her agenda is too nervous. Third-generation descendant of the family as Fendi, Silvia Venturini has been in the past 20 years in charge of Fendi's accessories, leather goods, footwear and clothing line. During 11 years, she also served as Fendi's menswear designer. Now, she sits in front of me, dressed in black, and blond hair in stark contrast. For me, she exposed thoughtful look.
"You could say too much," a brief silence, she finally answered. "But I think my experience and other Italian design family where children are similar." See I do not immediately respond, she added: "My sister and I grew up playing in her mother's studio to large I just remember her always seemed to busy to work only when I called out her name, she only turned to look at me, of course, in addition to stay in the studio, I will go to school, but I am not very willing. "
Silvia admits she grew up not like school. In contrast, she prefers to stay in the mother's studio. So naturally, from the age of 18 years, Silvia began working for the family business. 18 years later, she was in charge of the entire Fendi brand.

"I was born in the fashion industry, this is not my choice. One might say, is fashion chose me. Over the years, I have asked myself a question: I really want to engage in fashion? You know, in for childhood people who grew up in fashion circles, this is not so easy to answer. I was now determined to engage in this line, because I really like it. "

Monday, 19. September 2011

Buy wholesale obviously prior to 5 elements to consider

By wswseo, 10:07
Buy wholesale obviously prior to 5 elements to consider

Five elements To take into account prior to getting Wholesale diamond jewelry Of course, everybody would like to purchase inexpensive and resilient style pieces so regarding glimpse distinct and totally different from others. when you are an aficionado of wholesale style jewelry, you will must adhere to several tips:
Factor#1: on the beginning, you will must sort out probably the most dependable and price efficient on-line diamond jewelry store. All anyone must do is check out a great deal more and a great deal more wholesale diamond jewelry shops on-line to assure that she or he will in all probability be quickly in a placement to locate out their preferred fixture inside of economical spending budget line. like a issue of fact, there are a lot of wholesale custom diamond jewelry makers accessible on-line nowadays. So, you must be proactive and vigilant inside your analysis acquiring always.
Factor#2: It is pivotal for everybody to consider into thing to consider the worth within the shop. locate out every single trait of your wholesale diamond jewelry store. when you sort out it unique, trendy, price efficient and durable diamond jewelry maker, then you certainly ought to go for that last purchase of your wholesale style custom jewelry. The a great deal more anyone finds out the element of truthfulness and honesty in a very style diamond jewelry store the a great deal more the opportunity of getting reputable and economical jewels is.
Factor#3: selling price tag gets so important particularly when getting jewels online. prior to you purchase wholesale jewels and charms, it is within the essence for any do it yourself to locate out the selling price tag of those diamond jewelry pieces on-line to assure that you do not must confront any difficulties concerning the costs on the end. ladies are conscious concerning the costs always. That is why they would absolutely want to purchase inexpensive wholesale diamond jewelry deals through the wholesale custom diamond jewelry makers on-line each and every time.
Factor#4: Then, versatility is among the elements which will perform a important part in getting wholesale jewels online. In essence, there are numerous distinct and intriguing wholesale custom diamond jewelry solutions which will be incorporated earrings and rings, charms and bracelets, diamonds and necklaces. In addition, ladies will possess the alternative for bangles and beads on-line as well.
Factor#5: Last, but not the least, it is your preliminary employment to locate out the styles. Essentially, you must spend a great deal more interest to getting wholesale diamond jewelry while in the type of wedding party and engagement rings, wooden earrings, diamond necklaces, gold charms, wooden bracelets and numerous others. Hence, versatility ought to be yours ultimate selection particularly when getting wholesale style diamond jewelry deals online.
Summary: Only you can purchase most suitable style custom diamond jewelry deals whenever you adhere to all those guidelines. They are important ideas and tricks for getting wholesale diamond jewelry for all.

Wednesday, 27. July 2011

PILGRIM spring 2011 fashion jewelry selection

By wswseo, 08:25

PILGRIM spring 2011 fashion jewelry selection

From the Danish fashion accessories brand PILGRIM released 2011 spring fashion accessories latest trends. Sprinkle with a whole new series deserve to rural romantic amorous feelings, design is original and pure and fresh nature details.

New product this season include vogue necklaces, bracelets, fashionable fashionable collars, fashion and all series such as ring brooch jewelry accessories, DuoYuan and rich fashion design both the gentle temperament, accomplishment, the collect inside there are bold exaggerated modelling, the more a bit of tong qu details. Too busy PILGRIM jewelry using pure handmade, with makings fastidious, such as freshwater pearl, natural semi-precious stones, swarovski crystal, glass beads, equal enamel. PILGRIM adopts 16-22 k gold or silver plating, outer again to strengthen treatment, prevent oxidation. At the same time, all the PILGRIM jewelry are 100% no nickel products, not lead ni harmful to human body material.

Classical decorative clasp Cubiste sandals hand bag

By wswseo, 08:21
Classical decorative clasp Cubiste sandals hand bag
Leather and woven bag: RMB Cubiste shield fashion since 6600
Since the 2010 chun xia series beginning, art director for Roger Vivier Bruno Frisoni classic decorative clasp to join the new elements, initiate a new situation. In 2011, Cubiste decorative clasp with more rich contemporary sense of JinFang clasp was published, flat brush in Roger Vivier ornament of sandals or hand bag.

Roger Vivier to act the role of button represents the elegant and fashionable, since 1965 first appeared in Yves Saint Laurent series-after the DuoCi has been changed.

Cubiste fashion sandals
New Cubiste thick with sandals with cinnamon leather refined, compose with refined bind belt and brush JinFang ankle buckled, contracted with fashion, meticulous supplement, build the low-pitched luxurious. Need to match the contracted on small handbag, can show grave and elegant.

High 13.5 cm thick bottom shoes is more bold design, the design of the belt the bride with pure temptation contracted style.

Cubiste fashion handbags
Contracted Cubiste wallet easy collocation, can show the same grave and elegant.

Ink ZhuiDian blue bag with elaborate giant form resin sequins ladybug, and new JinFang brush buckle.

Taylor swift rural amorous feelings of fashion and temptation

By wswseo, 05:20
Taylor swift rural amorous feelings of fashion and temptation
2011 music awards, Taylor on bulletin boards Swift (Taylor Swift) dressed in a Elie Saab wiping a bosom hit the cash register line naked elegant, yellow color long skirt the waves of curl casually lenth, feminine flavour is dye-in-the-wood evening dress is absolutely celebration occasions form of the classic.

By Alexander MaiKun: feral beauty of fashion for the theme of the 2011 New York metropolitan museum of art charity ball in the United States, ShiWei held Taylor (Taylor Swift), she dressed in j. Mendel dress Christian Louboutin heels, and Lorraine Schwartz gem appears on the red carpet.
2011 ACMAs on the red carpet, Taylor, ShiWei fu (Taylor Swift) chose a lemon yellow Elie Saab high set fashionable dress at the low bosom of light yellow color, elegant, romantic and fascinating evening dress sexy confidence, and display of the women put on small trailing type evening dress is like lovely barbie dolls.
Taylor ShiWei fu (Taylor Swift) white, the bud silk dress was a black lace, highlights the fair maiden elegant temperament, brown single shoulder bag, feet restore ancient ways romantic naked color high-heeled shoes also is fashionable wind restoring ancient ways, and bud silk dress is take tone.

Taylor ShiWei fu (Taylor Swift), dressed in a skirt, the printing restoring ancient ways by KaiJin white gown and Zara butterfly high-heeled shoes, certainly will will be small woman's pleasant feeling to the end.
The love go shopping ShiWei Taylor (Taylor Swift), she has not forgotten to go out dressed, bird grain printing skirt, the same mix build a coffee KaiJin coat, down the choice is a black fishing nets, but do not break sexy socks sweet.
Little beauty Taylor ShiWei fu (Taylor Swift), this body Zuhair dress really a murder hadji Murad, a film set full ShanZuan bare color piece-25, wiping a bosom to a short skirt should forget the mermaid effect.
Little beauty Taylor ShiWei fu (Taylor Swift), this body Zuhair dress really a murder hadji Murad, a film set full ShanZuan bare color piece-25, wiping a bosom to a short skirt should forget the mermaid effect.

Wednesday, 29. June 2011

Fashion design line in ambry industry won extensive penetration

By wswseo, 05:15
Fashion design line in ambry industry won extensive penetration
The increasing popularity of the fashion trend, let people on the popular produce new understanding. Cabinet products also go to start vogue is changed, as fashion product line [the latest news price door model design line in comments on] brand ambry industry, the penetration of fashion products will get beautification chase after hold in both hands. Some classical and perfect design, also began to appear in the household stores, and consumers to the traditional ambry with the love of fashion trends and change the new changes.

Low carbon agitation spread to the production field

When the environmental protection becomes a must, ambry of low carbon will certainly will evolve into the symbol of life quality. Contracted design and low carbon trend, all kinds of low carbon coincide with material is popular. Wood and plastic, circulating of tables, chairs, and even some can be arbitrary and installation of cabinet products of joining together become products sell like hot cakes. The personage inside course of study expresses, low carbon future will spread to the agitation production areas, public think standard will be more professional.

Custom service will be one of a trend

Custom, according to the figure design services is also the future the one big characteristic of ambry market. And meet the demand of consumer feature custom service will also be one of the trend. Functionalization trend will become inevitable

The main function is to point to human health, intelligent and bionic design in China will usher in a big development and prosperity, bionic is also a great invention of an important source of. Industry upgrade technology is the request priority, ambry of the products function functional trend will become inevitable, the human body engineering, the industry been emerging technology upgrading the most preferred function requirements, the most important thing is the human nature can be of industrialization.

As required by modern to accept. Custom

Personalized trends and gave birth to a lot of customized products, from international design perspective, in recent years popular each ambry brand, under its umbrella for the designers of the personality, the individual character of ambry brand labels more striking. On-demand custom has gradually be accepted modern personality, the s, as a consumer group of Lord slowly after 80, began after 90 according to your own individuality choice ambry products.

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White-collar bandwagon radio gymnastics the sitting room is decorated also wrote a super fashion a language

By wswseo, 04:59
White-collar bandwagon radio gymnastics the sitting room is decorated also wrote a super fashion a language
White-collar bandwagon radio gymnastics the sitting room is decorated also wrote a fashion a language

Don't think of 8 radio gymnastics enough fashion, whether a set of exercise, and both stylish, can be in office chair a square meters space on the spot the white-collar GongJianCao?

A few days ago, a row of white-collar wrote by the GongJianCao in nanjing east road community building youth more popular. The six in the quarter, both GongJianCao white-collar stretch oneself, turn the wrist, etc, also have stretching routine neck, DianJiao stretch, yoga, ballet posture; Both normal and nostalgic action, bow step also have AoTeMan, crayons small new classic modelling, it melts, aesthetic, medical, fashionable element such as sports in one body.
New Year's day this year, familiar radio music in the radio broadcast on the recovery, for each enterprise unit GongJianCao do the use of community. This recall "80" to the United States after the king and the sea to stone nostalgic feeling, but he think of 8 radio gymnastics enough fashion. So, he initiation one thought, the white-collar customized for a GongJianCao. The proposal in the "haiyan micro bo ・ white-collar world" is raised, aroused strong interest in young white-collar workers. The origin of the modern drama society white-collar city Shanghai theatre academy members and active undertake this creative activities, by their simple and easy to operate, and a set of arrangement and consistent with their own role GongJianCao demand.

The creation process, "haiyan micro bo ・ white-collar heaven and earth" ShiHaiYan blogger, the origin of the modern drama society members, urban teacher ZhangRuiYao continuous improvement to the fourth edition, this exercise finally finalize the design.

"Opens with the song is the three", pretty tide of death!" Promotion, many of its music white-collar impressed, in addition to the three popular music, has also taken to kill of the French folk songs, and KerenAnn talented cheerful trombone solo, Japan violin pieces. Six piece together to ups and downs, and beautiful pure beauty. A dozen white-collar followed with a teacher ZhangRuiYao slogan, very hard to learn, "this is not AoTeMan 'hands' movement? "We're studying crayon?" small new exercises A set of exercise down, a lot of people feel is novel and fashionable, childhood memory of the magazine is opened.

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Tuesday, 07. June 2011

Luxury consumption: "his beauty" is the kingly way

By wswseo, 12:34
Luxury consumption: "his beauty" is the kingly way
"Prodigal waste of money, seeking too much enjoy" is the word "luxury" derogatory term, looks really Chinese definitions. But in the world of luxury goods in fashion, luxury regardless of praise or blame, it is one kind of attribute. Harry - Winston (Harry the Nar chief executive Frederic DE), said "in today's China, all in the pursuit of the biggest, best, most expensive. They are in pursuit of genuine luxury".
"Bucky wine series

Arguably not to talk about the real luxury is what, in today's fashion luxury goods market, China is becoming play its important role. At present, China is also love MaShi, prada, difuni the second home; "Bucky group, Michel Negrier expected export director" about three years later, China's sales might and the United States almost become the first or second "bucky consumer market." KPMG report predict China will in five years, as the world's largest luxury market.

So, nowadays China present a kind of what kind of luxury consumption status?

For so-called "rolls Royce class" (including new rich class) speaking, they see the fashion for life normal consumption, luxury service experience more attention alienation, vying for "I have no one, I have gifted" exception to the crowd. However, luxury is not only the price is high, quality is good, the reason it can become the symbol of the identity and status, because it contains the historical heritage and brand DNA. This class's consumer blind pursue brand, largest and most beautiful pursuit ", the most expensive ", but these are not out of the brand and product intrinsic value appreciation, or to its contain spirit identification, more likely to luxury and luxury, "dazzle rich" just. And how many people really need it?

Five thousand years of Chinese civilization also need to speak. The fine tradition of reciprocity "more or less for fashionable luxury consumption 9/12 force," luxury is what? Is buying people don't use, with people don't buy it." This fun to an irony of the evidence. High-end crowd gifts, gift giving and built to fit identity, while also have a face. So, of course they are fashionable luxury market contributor.
New York luxury brand VII skin customization

Of course, this one really knew art also don't expel is spiritual high-end personage. In their chosen, pay more attention to luxury consumption inside a conjunction, rather than just a moment of be fond of. For example, in recent years, some high-end personage tried to enter a name for the top Club Identity VII custom skin Club, but the threshold is very high, can enter the very few. VII of New York luxury brand for its skin custom skin, provide the members with customized exclusive password files, and provides the skin has 200 years history of private Banks as a guarantee. Such luxury consumption, the identity and status are clouds, make oneself become standard is the kingly way.

And those that we call "starbucks class", the so-called middle class. They usually willing to save a few months salary to buy a big handbags, want to reveal the identity, also very care about the price. In their place, they emphasize "people have I have." Therefore, discounts, tax-free, second-hand became daily life topic.

With the rise of the fashion luxury vertical website, ultra-low fold, limited seconds, killing, jan.7 white-collar workers a who-hash. It seems like low-cost luxury make them had obsessive-compulsive disorder, don't buy not. Also, how many people really need?

About limited edition, private customization, this class especially women, more is to understand, on the sidelines, surprise and fantasy. In the limited edition halo of products, they will pay more attention to such product brand classical money, whether in buying their own ability range. Again and again he brings the attention of absorbing consumption, hope can also touch brand of halo.

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Thursday, 05. May 2011

5 months euramerican street snap: wear a most of in fashion sense

By wswseo, 11:38
5 months euramerican street snap: wear a most of in fashion sense
Euramerican street snap wear a most of in fashionable feeling warmer weather is gradually, garment unlined upper garment also gradually thinning! This season is fashionable tide that people can't wait "to show off" clad capability. Eyes stared at present fashionable style still rich variety -- by Hollywood star marlon brando that began in the fashionable - the T-shirt x jeans American clad wind to now alleys of million remain essentially the Pope's basic collocation,cheap authentic nfl jerseys|bag making machine|discount nfl jerseys|mac mascara from the 70's began to fashionable tannins shirt x broadly leg pants, various style of printing until now even body trousers, dress... The dovetailing style restoring ancient ways, fresh style emerge in endlessly! How can you love the dazzling beautiful clothes wear out most of in fashionable feeling?
Hollywood famous "big mouth beauty" fashion Julia Roberts Julia Roberts (-) niece Emma Roberts Emma Roberts (-) is a wear take a high score nova,she can always use simple style of clothing fluctuate give wonderful. This time she is the foundation for our deduction of collocation, Emma Roberts (Emma Roberts) - of a simple white vest choice with the long and ankle from the Gap of the feet of pants photograph collocation is contracted cultivate one's morality, low-key pure aesthetic feeling, go out fully in the March arms Tila Tote Bag is bare color small beauty to be bestowed favor on newly.
Nicky Hilton (nicole Hilton) in Beverly hills shopping, pop style small calico dresses and person handwriting procrastinates of wear take all show romantic optional temperament, just heaviness hand handbag destroyed whole lightsome effect, if two with straw go vacationing the style is miss pleather to match, the result will be more praise cough up!
Because of all of film, known as fashion ", beauty "Zoe's - sol Dana (Zoe Saldana) street snap presents a clean style, her this time bring is horizontal case grain simple vest and OL style" turnip pants "combination collocation, the Hollywood suffer quite outstanding Latin beauty with a pair of clothes rack, angular figure from inside to outside send out together, what clothes powerful gas wear on her body all good-looking.

In the film "Black Swan" (Black Swan) and Natalie Portman) Natalie Portman (- antihero and's abdominals actress mitag - GuNi Mila Kunis) recently silk (a mirror opportunity and more gradually, she USES the basic paragraph vest pocket adornment collocation of white jeans, a street grinding youth is dye-in-the-wood.
American country singer Taylor - ShiWei fu special (Taylor Swift) recently still touring in London, spare time still does not forget out backstretch, this fashion lovely panda faces from high street brand sweaters intoshipping Topshop, tall canister boots from Sartore motorcycle.
In the vampire blockbuster "the Twilight city" (Twilight) series plays Jessica "in the corner of the supporting" Kendrick, KenDeLiKe (Anna - of beautiful eyes and has a sweet smile, appeared vancouver international airport KenDeLiKe (Anna Kendrick) - wear sunglasses, covering the beautiful eyes, but didn't mean her smile, as in outfit, her neck with a towel in between is firm, all show at infinite amorous feelings.

Lindsay Lohan LuoHan (Lindsay - Cleobella Nevaeh fashion bucket) carry bag on the streets.Omega|film blowing machine|Cheap Soccer jerseys But, early in the last winter, this section with rivets & macrame class bags have frequently appear in Ashley li - Atlantis Tisdale) kieron (street pats poses,the current official website have naked color and black two kinds of color options, price is $480.00. Lilo feet platform follow sandal high black waterproof from Giuseppe - SaNuo first (Giuseppe Zanotti).

In the vampire blockbuster "the Twilight city" (Twilight) series plays Jessica "in the corner of the supporting" Kendrick, KenDeLiKe (Anna - of beautiful eyes and has a sweet smile, appeared vancouver international airport KenDeLiKe (Anna Kendrick) - wear sunglasses,ultimate electronics|bag making machine |cheap authentic nfl jerseys covering the beautiful eyes, but didn't mean her smile, as in outfit, her neck with a towel in between is firm, all show at infinite amorous feelings.
Lindsay Lohan LuoHan (Lindsay - Cleobella Nevaeh bucket carry bag) the streets. But, early in the last winter, this section with rivets & macrame class bags have frequently appear in Ashley li - Atlantis Tisdale) kieron (street pats poses, the current official website have naked color and black two kinds of color options, price is $480.00. Lilo feet platform follow sandal high black waterproof from Giuseppe - SaNuo first (Giuseppe Zanotti).

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Wednesday, 20. April 2011

Fashion person, Miranda prince woman. Chloe elves

By wswseo, 04:01
Fashion person, Miranda prince woman. Chloe elves
"The wedding has been my traditional values. I hope that one day can become a mother, I believe the Orlando will also be a good father."

Fashion person, Miranda, Chloe "every morning with today's sunshine with yoga greet, do some body torsion and breathing exercises, then every day to affirm oneself, I will say, 'my life is full of happiness and sunshine", "my body is very healthy", "the world is all good", "I'll launch out love and light to everyone I meet'..." This is Australian supermodel, Miranda, that in love and Chloe light hit the elves of prince Orlando bloom "the secret of Victoria" angel. Now, the couple have was holding them three months early, enjoying the chubby boy baby for parents' happiness.

Fashion person, Miranda prince woman: Chloe elves
"The wedding has been my traditional values. I hope that one day can become a mother, I believe the Orlando will also be a good father."
In just the past valentine's day, Miranda on his website, Chloe posted two her favorite love proverbs, and friends share. Article 1: is so simple, think about love, talking about love, love, but it does not wish so easy, recognize that love, even when we think it has in our hands. Another: love is not waiting for others to love you, but you devote yourself, thus let others unconditionally love you.

This is her captive "elf" prince of secret?
Just a month before valentine's, the smiles, devil figure with angels for the Australian supermodel just Orlando bloom gave birth to a little weighed 9 jins, and in January 18 blog, have published photographs photographer is children mammalian his dad. "Flynn is a very healthy big chubby boy baby. I am natural birth, did not eat any painkillers, process is very long, difficult, but the whole process, Orlando are with me and support me, if not him, I cannot smoothly." born Flynn

Fashion person, Miranda with the prince's Chloe princess fairy tale begins in love in 2007. Become "elf prince woman", this let then, Miranda becoming the world women's Chloe almost replaced. Even so, this in a country with a population of 8,000 town the beautiful girl never grew up, they cover their happiness everywhere relentlessly smooches, when the site of two hand, sweet according to the comments will - that "no longer know this is the first how many times"... In 2008 to accept a magazine interview, said their first Chloe were just friends, she confessed that he was relationship to Orlando bloom and not too much attention. But what happens after a subtle change, because Orlando find her agent to her phone.Two in April 2008, a new first public appearance man went to meet his future father-in-law's mother-in-law. After this, legend "elf" prince had in New York, Australia, Morocco three degrees to Miranda kneel ground, finally proposed airness in 2010. "The wedding has been my traditional values. I want to get married, and I love the people to share my life of every day."
Cherish own Australia sweetheart:
"Nothing is easy, especially do model. If this is your dream, then believe it, follow it, not chasing process lost their sight."
Chloe is Australia, Miranda first "the secret of Victoria" angel, it is for the model, the highest honor.She is David Jones - Australia's oldest department store image spokesperson, this has 170 years of history in the Australian old brand revitalized driven by Miranda youth and vigor. Australia sweetheart has its own cosmetics brand, in 2009, she is their 100% organic material cosmetics Kora shooting fashion blockbusters. In order to break through the limits and Miranda naked sexy poses provocative mirror, the temptation of hard to restrain limit. 2010, Miranda's career and from underwear, cosmetics, department stores, expanded into High Balenciage to Louis from strong Vuitton, Prada, invite her, especially during Balenciage2011 chun xia shows, in the five months pregnant Miranda time has invited her to battle, time become Fashion week spring 2011 in Paris the most-watched big news.

When a reporter asked about fashion person as a model Miranda of success and the young girl's advice, Australia sweetheart say: "have no what is easy, especially do model. If this is your dream, then believe it, follow it, not chasing process lost their sight. Want to become the best, even taking good care of your body, give it everything you need. If your body inner is not healthy, it is unlikely that you shine."

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Tuesday, 12. April 2011

Jason Wu 2011 qiu dong show

By wswseo, 03:46
Jason Wu 2011 qiu dong show

Britain must WangZiFei Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton) British royal wedding is not just a great thing, even the whole fashion in affected, Chinese designers WuJiGang (Jason Wu) also put the royal wedding as the 2011 qiu dong inspiration. 15 different types of bud silk fabrics, luxuriant gem inlay, and delicate veil for accessories and finely opinion, this one season is WuJiGang (Jason Wu) ladies have somewhat royal is showily bearing.

From the sleeves of decoration, to skirt outfit, again to the flowers of benefiting the coat, bud silk is - the most bright eye of assessing the protagonist. Dark suit pinned bud silk shirt, sedate plover case grain and bud silk applique common appeared, slightly curl bracts type skirt parked in above the knee, asing if is in "dignified" and "sexy" balancing between gingerly, elegant drag ground long skirt match on jewelry adornment, every one is enough to do a wedding dress.
However, if let noble girl only constrained at these ladies dressed up, so also in WuJiGang (Jason unquestionably does not accord with Wu) subverts the traditional personality, and now they also can try the tie-in broadly leg pants shirt with Oversized neutral modelling, can coat, can wear black and white stripe sweaters, and red coat, with hats lapel modesty feather even body skirt, show confidence delicate and elegant refreshing.

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Friday, 01. April 2011

Louis Vuitton retro palette dress show spring 2011

By wswseo, 06:02
Louis Vuitton retro palette dress show spring 2011
Mr Ma bring LOUIS VUITTON) the LV (spring 2011 dress show and his own brand Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs) this one season is somewhat similar to the design, is a new annotation of back-to-ancients, are using a brilliant of color to show luxuriant with amorous feelings. The difference is Mr Ma bold will beast grain LOUIS VUITTON elements into LV (dress design, a) a bright eyes.

Conference it set the first suit LOOK the show stylist inspiration from the east to the design emphasis -- one thing black models of plate opening, let poster buckle cheongsam Ed plait feel hospitable: the open fork waist high to show a free and open, and shows the deep V neckline behind the design, transparent wind Monogram printing skirt form echo;

Cheongsam small tassel spike adornment continued on for the design of one season, but also the show details, rippling out details of the key amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds. Silk and reflective fabric show off the flashy noble gesture.
Assessing appeared at the end of the tiger, giraffes, zebra and China's "celebrity pandas printing design, with an animal grain to appear in a suit and dress skirt, adumbrative one season beast grain printing will become popular trend of oh.

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Thursday, 24. March 2011

The 2011 the most popular shorts combination

By wswseo, 07:49
The 2011 the most popular shorts combination
Chun xia season arrived, tell you how to match the most fashionable, most tide shorts combination

Delicate cutting shorts

Shorts collocation is always been tide girls love most, son 2011 shorts is still designers favorite sheet is tasted, tall leg or knee length is first selection. If in the winter,shorts can also and shawls collocation, this will also become vogue of freshness combined with bright eye.

Animal grain

Say to the animal lines, everybody thinks of above all should be leopard! Actually animal grain is always designers favourite, 2011, the most popular is leopard grain and ocelots printing, of course, also can have more wild tigers wrinkles. Designers put animal printing maximize the use in all popular sheet is tasted, see above this group of pictures right, dress and elegant dresses, outline model of pants and jackets, all be animal grain capture, and finally has spread to bags, hat act the role ofing, jewelry, scarves and gloves, socks and boots, everything of sheet is tasted, in short, so long as can be printed on animal grain sheet is tasted, can have their presence.

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Monday, 21. March 2011

Latest Fashion Handbags

By wswseo, 09:15

Guy Laroche


Latest Fashion Handbags
Recommend a single product: 4, Guy Laroche (Guy Laroche) orange leather handbag luxury fashion series

Popular elements: package section of this series the choice of Italian leather antique pattern, using the season's most popular laminated, hand-scan color process to Athens, Greece, the ancient temple on the totem for the element, the nostalgic, retro style perfectly natural show up, giving an extremely elegant package section low-key luxury beauty.


French ELLE brand for modern women and yet provides a simple and elegant fashion options, from clothing to household items, ELLE products have been integrated into every aspect of life, so the latest trends in clothing, handbags , accessories, household goods without a break in continuity.

Recommend a single product: 5, coral red new handbags

Popular elements: This season, ELLE Girl package will take us back to the 70s of last century's retro and stylish, full feeling in 2011 spring and summer thriving atmosphere. Designers use of strong colors, such as coral, apple green, etc. and the simple outline echoes to express a kind of understanding and perception of urban life for the women to create an easy and simple, elegant and stylish space.


Kipling venture in 1987 the fashion capital of Antwerp in Belgium, with the brand strength, strong image, and a series of diverse, stylish, durable and high quality handbags, Kipling in the two decades from a small company, the development of become a world-famous and powerful brand.

Recommend a single product: 6, dynamic vitality of the blue section leisure series

Popular elements: the introduction of new material: more textured polyester satin, and cool mesh fabric, making this series a more relaxed fashion sense. Both the whole series of relaxed and modern, with eye-catching landmark of handwritten kipling logo, and the very sense of the future King monkey ornaments. Blue is symbolic of the series style, this drawstring tote bag, can put down all the necessary everyday items.

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